003: Manifesto: Equality, Empowerment, Robot

This is a micro art exhibition that takes place in spatial, free virtual space for people to host their exhibitions. I took inspiration from the Netflix series for the name of this project.

Section1:poster of manifesto As someone who prefers gender fluid and was born in a female body, I would like to view feminism as a way of seeking equality. When voices from the female side can’t be heard, it is one kind of inequality. In many cultures, I am referring to all kinds of cultures, not only the digital one, females are losing the dominance of their bodies of their own free will. This work is not anti “E-girl” culture themed, but I’m anti how E-girl culture has been sexualized in recent years. There are both English and Chinese manifestos in the frame (two of my strongest languages), so this work can be viewed as my personal statement itself.

Section2: podcast on topic of the relationship between human and AI.