004: Christmas in Asian Households 2022

No two people in this world are the same; everyone has different experiences, languages, skin colours and cultures. But this difference is often not understood and allowed, which can deeply hurt some groups. I want to dedicate this work to my younger self, and children who have doubts about their identity.

“So I eventually became comfortable being the outsider. And since I was never an insider, I didn’t have to worry that colleagues might laugh at me for an unlikely approach. Many times, that unlikely approach actually led to new understandings. — Stephon Alexander”

Third culture children are confused while growing up with lack a sense of belonging. Because they face the cultural shock of their peers and parents as they grow up. Many third cultural children try to integrate into Western society while growing up to avoid being bullied, which leads them to abandon their own culture and forget their cultural language completely. Many children are afraid to bring Asian food to school because their classmates will consider that Asian food smell strangely and will not allow them to sit and eat together. This is reflected in many Asian film and television works. I feel that the influence of these works is not enough, so I want to contribute some more. To inform all third culture children that being different is not something to be ashamed of.

The project was taken place on the RMIT campus, with the same tree I decorated twice, once with traditional western decorations. I removed all decorations to decorate the tree again with Chinese/ Asian aesthetic decorations like Chinese fans, Chinese knots etc.